Most therapeutic riding facilities focus on Hippotherapy. Hippotherapy is a physical, occupational, and speech-language therapy treatment strategy that utilizes the movement of the horse as part of an integrated intervention program.  The horse’s unique walk transfers variable, repetitive and rhythmic movement to the client, which provides sensory input to the brain and nervous system. The resultant responses in the client are similar to human movement patterns of the pelvis while walking. It is physical therapy centered around movement. At Equessense we address the whole person: Mind, Body and Identity.

Something supernatural and magical happens when a child is touched by a horse’s soul.

That little one with PTSD who has learned not to trust anyone somehow learns that it’s okay to trust a horse. Then he can gradually generalize that to trust in people. That kid Whose self-definition is based on feelings of inferiority, who has no arena in which to shine becomes empowered and self-confident by learning to be partners with a 1,200-pound gentle giant.  And the precious child who doesn’t understand why he’s separated from his family and living with strangers suddenly finds himself in a new, accepting and loving relationship with a friend who will never betray him.

We are not confined to walking around in an arena in circles for physical benefits. We encourage growth in all areas. We experience self-expression, nature, discovery, and social interaction.

The clients, their families, the volunteers and the animals comprise one big happy, loving family that is accepting and supportive. It is a place where every participant feels safe, welcomed and loved. It is a positive, therapeutic environment.