SCHEDULING: Schedules are dependent upon the rider and family’s needs. Riders typically come for therapy once a week. On occasions riders prefer to come more than once a week when experiencing changing or particularly acute needs. On other occasions riders might want to come every other week due to scheduling conflicts or other impediments


SESSIONS: Personal sessions focus individual goals and specific needs.

Group sessions focus on team building, trust, communication skills, social skills and support for common issues.


EQUESSENSE CAMPS: Equestrian skills and activities are just one component of the day camp experience. Camps involve mounted and unmounted activities that typically follow a planned theme. Science activities include exploring nature, observing chemical reactions and testing laws of physics.  Sensory experiences are also a part of the science centers. Art projects involve creative, hands-on crafts, working with paint, clay, beads, and other mediums. Kinesthetic activities are geared toward movement and balance, strength-building and coordination. Tasks that require map-reading, treasure-hunting, sequencing, etc. develop problem solving skills. Competitive games and sports encourage team- building and trust as well as sportsmanship. Camps also include preparing and consuming delicious and nutritional snacks.


SCHOLARSHIPS:  All families who feel that their financial situation renders the therapy prohibitive may apply for a scholarship. Extenuating circumstances will be considered. Families with multiple riders are given a discount of $10.00 for each additional rider.  We are required by funding agencies and foundations to demonstrate a fair and equitable method of distributing scholarship funds based on the greatest need. If a family does not qualify for a scholarship or feels that their level of sliding scale is still too expensive they are encouraged to seek sponsorships from various sources such as their church, relatives, clinics that serve their family, etc. A letter/brochure can be provided for distribution to potential sponsors.


ATTENDANCE: Notification of cancellation should be made at least 12 hours in advance. After 3 out of 7 scheduled sessions are missed without at least 12-hour notice (Excluding emergencies) the rider will lose his/her place on the schedule and may be subject to loss of scholarship.  Riding sessions require lining up volunteers who come from a range of distances to arrive early, prepare horses, props for lessons, etc. We understand that occasionally circumstances or health issues arise at the last minute. But consistency and reliability need to be stringently exercised.


PUNCTUALITY: Arrival within 10 minutes before or after scheduled session is requested. Late arrivals lose time in the saddle and disrupt the flow of the lesson. By the same token riders who arrive more than 10 minutes before scheduled sessions tend to get bored and restless and may become a distraction for an ongoing session.


PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS: Payment at the time of service is expected. Or payment by our PayPal account can be used as well. Only agencies with multiple riders will be invoiced monthly. Extra charges will be added if additional paperwork is required such as progress reports, quarterly reports, etc.


GUESTS: Spectators are encouraged to come and watch the sessions and the competitive events. It is very gratifying for our athletes to see supporters giving praise and accolades. Spectators are asked not to interfere with the lessons.  Siblings or minor guests of a rider must have adult supervision at all times. They must be kept at a safe distance from the horses, grooming and tack areas, the arena and other riding areas unless instructed or invited by an instructor or lead volunteer.

A guest rider may be scheduled 24 hours in advance and pay a fee of $30.00 with a signed waiver from a parent or guardian. A medical release is required.



Individual Session: $40.00

Registered siblings $30.00

Children of volunteers: $20.00

Day Camps- 1 and ½ hour: $40.00 per person

Longer Camps fees Negotiable

Sessions Must Be Prescheduled

Immediate Openings Are Available



Equessense will work closely with scouting and church organizations to achieve the goals of their curricula or service requirements. We offer certificates of achievement and community service documentation. The day camp experience is a fun and educational way to develop good citizenship and community responsibility.