A Different Kind of Currency

What do we get out of this work? AMAZING INSPIRATION.  The truth is the workers and helpers benefit as much or more than the athletes. To be a facilitator of miracles is life- changing. We have seen language-impaired kids develop communication skills; victims of child-abuse emancipate a repressed memory to begin healing from early childhood trauma. The horses teach emotionally disturbed individuals to control their temper and express their feelings appropriately. Kids with behavior disorders learn discipline from these natural behaviorists. They give unconditional acceptance to those who feel rejected. They help tactile-defensive children learn that it is okay to touch unfamiliar things. The group work that we do fosters communication, trust and team building with kids and teens that have emotionally and mentally “checked out”. We build rapport with clients who are resistant to traditional therapeutic models. These heroic animals have even brought riders from the depths of despair to change their mind about committing suicide. Under the supervision of a trained facilitator, the horses become gifted teachers, sensitive therapists and trusted friends.

Equessense is a grass-roots program spawned out of a growing need for alternative therapy and inclusive recreational opportunities for atypical individuals. Our trained and dedicated staff of volunteers is extremely invested in helping every rider reach his or her highest potential while engaged in a rewarding, rich experience. Our horses are gentle and dedicated to their job. The country atmosphere is very therapeutic. The healing potential of this work is beyond limits.